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Driveways in Essex London & Hertfordshire
Block Paving, Gravel, Stone.

The drive to our homes can add enormously to their value. With a huge choice of styles, from block paving to gravel or stone, your drive can become a major feature of your home - and add considerable value.

At DKM we have experience of laying all styles of driveway. Preparation is the key, and you must make sure there is a good drainage system installed and a proper sub-base. Without these your new driveway will soon become a liability instead of an asset.

Make sure you do it properly! Contact us first for advice and a quote about your new drive in Essex, London or Hertfordshire.

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After lots of feedback from our users we have decided to add an addtional section on Block Paving Essex.

Most of our enquiries over the last year have come from customers in Essex looking for Block Paving Drives and paths. Reliable, professional and established block pavers seem to be thin on the ground, which probably explains the amount of enquiries we have received and the number of Block Paving jobs we have done. We have increased the size of our Block Paving Team in Essex to cope with the demand. So if you are interested in Block Paving in Essex (or in Herfordshire or London) please contact us.

More detailed information about block paving essex drives, block paving essex paths & block paving essex patios can be found here.



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DKM Construction are on The Builders Register
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